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Canada Shipping

Shipping from the U.S. to Canada

I can only tell you guys what I've done in my personal experience. Different states and different airports may have different rules and regulations. So you always want to check in with your local airport first.

I have shipped into Canada a couple of times and shipped stateside to be transported back to Canada just a couple times. On my end, this was very simple. In order for me to ship into Canada, first you need to call Petsafe and find out the airport closest to your adopter that you can ship into. I've learned that you can not get into all Canadian airports. So far I've successfully shipped into Toronto and Edmonton. Once I got the flights booked through United, I set up my vet appointment for the health certificate. You will need Aphis form 7001 for the health certificate. You can print it online or you vet should have some on hand. On this form there is a line for the USDA licensed vet to sign but when shipping into Canada you do not need to have a USDA licensed vet fill the form out, your normal vet will be fine. The other document you must send with the gliders is a bill of sale. The bill of sale needs to include your full information, adopters information, all gliders information, and costs of what the adopter has paid to you. The adopter will have to pay taxes on any fees listed on this document. The shipping rate is slightly higher, last time it was about $20 more than when shipping inside the U.S. These things are the only thing different on the breeders end. I drop them off at the airport like any shipment. I try to make sure to give them as much room and extra food as possible just in case they would get stuck in customs or something along the way.

I'm currently trying to gather more information on what the adopters have to do on their end. I know the glider has to be seen by a vet at the airport, they have to pay a lot of duties and fees, and it's usually a pain in the butt for them. I think when shipping stateside and crossing the border it's usually a little cheaper and easier process. I still send the health certificate and bill of sale no matter what.

This page is currently a work in progress and I will continually update with any new information that I get.